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The Wow-iest Wedding So Far!


I worked a wedding over the weekend that was so over-the-top amazing, it pretty much blew my mind. Here was the basic breakdown: Cocktail Hour-  Diver Scallop Station (manned by a chef) Maine Lobster Skewer Station (attended by banquet staff)

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Hanukkah Inspiration!

For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve been contributing to, an amazing events blog that was started by my friend Steph. I’m so excited to be a part of her team, and am equally excited about my most

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Don’t Forget About Your Honeymoon!


Your honeymoon, no matter where you go or what you do, will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable, magical and momentous trips of your lives. It is one of the few big things that you can work on in

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A Halloween Post Just For BOO!


Since we love Halloween- the chance to dress up ourselves and our apartment- and creativity, we often host a Halloween party. We ask guests to come dressed up (if they are so inclined), we decorate our place so it’s a

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What to Do With Your Dress AFTER The Big Day


First things first- you should have your dress dry cleaned. This can cost anywhere from $150 up through and beyond $250, depending upon the fabric, details, stains, etc.  Also, you can choose to have it preserved (usually comes in a

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All About Place Cards


Really pretty, classy place cards.  Available on Etsy or a good DIY project. As the previous Wediquette Seating Chart Post explained, assigning your guests to a seat- or at least to a table- makes for a smooth, pleasant, welcoming and thoughtful dining

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Seating Chart- Who, Where and Why?


A seating chart makes your wedding easier for: – your guests (They can quickly find their way to the table or seat you pre-selected for them without worrying about who will/will not fit at a table together, and without feeling

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You’re Invited- The Guest List


You’re engaged and ready to start planning. Before you visit any venues, book the band, or start designing your Save the Dates, you have the terrific task of putting together your guest list! Who will be there to celebrate with

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So You’re A Bridesmaid, a MOH, a Best Man or a Groomsman!


You’ve been hand-picked by the bride and groom to stand beside them as they become husband and wife. That makes you pretty awesome 🙂 Being a member of the wedding party means, first and foremost, being there for your friends

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Weddings and Kids…Yes, No, Maybe So?


Kids are precious, and if they are important to you and your fiancé, then they should be at your wedding.  Here are some considerations as you plan… Some people are adamant that kids and weddings do not mix.  They say

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