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You’re Invited- The Guest List


You’re engaged and ready to start planning. Before you visit any venues, book the band, or start designing your Save the Dates, you have the terrific task of putting together your guest list! Who will be there to celebrate with

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So You’re A Bridesmaid, a MOH, a Best Man or a Groomsman!


You’ve been hand-picked by the bride and groom to stand beside them as they become husband and wife. That makes you pretty awesome 🙂 Being a member of the wedding party means, first and foremost, being there for your friends

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Weddings and Kids…Yes, No, Maybe So?


Kids are precious, and if they are important to you and your fiancé, then they should be at your wedding.  Here are some considerations as you plan… Some people are adamant that kids and weddings do not mix.  They say

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Max’s Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party


This cutie turned one in May and his mommy went all out to create a really special Sesame Street birthday party for him! Check out the pics below for the fun games, delicious food, adorable cupcakes, and even sweeter one

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All You Need is Love…Bridal Shower Tunes to Make the Ladies Smile


I recently co-planned a bridal shower for one of my best friends, and wanted to be sure we had a variety of music that would fit the dual theme of love and wine (it took place at a winery, and

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Napkins- History, Folding and Etiquette


In the United States, when setting the table, the napkin is typically placed to the left of the cover (one’s setting spot at the table), while in Europe, it is placed to the right of the spoon (think of the

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Your Table Awaits…Silverware, Glasses & Plates


Working at a venue for weddings and large events, I can tell that many people are not very familiar with the etiquette of their place setting (I wasn’t until I started working there, either!), so I put together some pictures

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Save the Dates


Congratulations- you’re engaged! You have your wedding date, your ceremony and reception plans, and an almost-finalized guest list.  You want to tell the world…okay, maybe not the WHOLE world.  How do you get your wedding onto the calendars of the

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Pass the Salt (and Pepper), Please!


Did you know… Etiquette says that if somebody at a table asks for the salt shaker, you should also pass the pepper, and vice versa? This changes if there is a pepper mill or a salt cellar (a small bowl);

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Out of Town Hotel Bags for Overnight Guests


Out of Town bags are a fun way to be greeted when we check into a hotel. They show that our hosts are ready for us and have gone out of their way to thank us (before we’ve even seen

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