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A Halloween Post Just For BOO!


Since we love Halloween- the chance to dress up ourselves and our apartment- and creativity, we often host a Halloween party. We ask guests to come dressed up (if they are so inclined), we decorate our place so it’s a

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What to Do With Your Dress AFTER The Big Day


First things first- you should have your dress dry cleaned. This can cost anywhere from $150 up through and beyond $250, depending upon the fabric, details, stains, etc.  Also, you can choose to have it preserved (usually comes in a

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All About Place Cards


Really pretty, classy place cards.  Available on Etsy or a good DIY project. As the previous Wediquette Seating Chart Post explained, assigning your guests to a seat- or at least to a table- makes for a smooth, pleasant, welcoming and thoughtful dining

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Seating Chart- Who, Where and Why?


A seating chart makes your wedding easier for: – your guests (They can quickly find their way to the table or seat you pre-selected for them without worrying about who will/will not fit at a table together, and without feeling

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