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Weddings Across the Board…Indian Wedding Traditions


A few weeks ago, we visited our alma mater (Penn State!) and met up with some friends. I had just finished my Italian wedding post a few days earlier and I asked our friend Chai (who is of Indian descent)

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It’s February…You’re In Our Hearts and (TH)ON Our Minds


Every year at about this time, my heart starts to swell with pride and my mind starts to wander back to Penn State.  As a 2008 PSU alumna, 2007 organization chair, 2006 dancer and 2005 committee member, I have no doubt

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Weddings Across the Board: Italian Wedding Traditions


Today’s wedding traditions and rituals come to us from Italy. While some traditions vary depending upon the region of Italy, others are the same across the board (like the vast selection of food- sometimes up to 14 courses)! From getting

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