The Story of Sip

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My name is Shayna, and I’ve always been a planner at heart. For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed the details that make a celebration unique, momentous, dazzling and delightful. I love to think about the small things that make up the big picture, fun little treats hiding in the plan that will, in memory and with time, become even more of a Wow! I love the details. I love the creativity, the cleverness, the colors, the fun and excitement of the occasion itself, and of course, who doesn’t like the food and drinks that often come with these types of celebrations?!


I’m a Penn Stater, a Philadelphia sports fan (but we can still be friends even if you’re not!), a sister, a daughter, an aunt to 2 adorable little girls, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter, a babysitter, a coworker, a friend, a wife (my husband Kyle and I met at Penn State in ’05 and got married in October ’12!), a camp counselor, a 30-year old (as of March of this year!), a former snowbird (we spent a few years going back and forth to Florida from PA since Kyle’s a Golf Pro!), a teacher, a student, a singer (mainly in the car and the shower!) and a big fan of the return of some of our favorite tv shows from when we were younger (I’m talking about you, Gilmore Girls)!


So here’s my story, and how Sip Sip, Soirée came to be.  I always wanted to be a teacher. I worked hard in school, was very involved and got good grades. I went to Penn State for Elementary Ed., participated in the respected PDS program for my student teaching experience, and graduated with a great GPA. Unfortunately, somewhere around my final semester, I started to feel unsure about this path. I loved kids, I loved teaching, it was what I had always wanted to do, but I wasn’t passionate about it as a career anymore. If not this, then what? How? When? I wished I’d realized it sooner, but since I didn’t, I graduated and sort of guilted myself into believing that I had an obligation to make it work. I worked in a few teaching positions- as an ESL Assistant, a Long-Term Substitute, a Day-to-Day Substitute in both Pennsylvania and Florida and time passed. Until I hit a point where I realized that I was trying to make something work that just wasn’t working, and I allowed myself to realize that it was okay.  I started thinking about what was next for me.

In the meantime, Kyle and I had gotten engaged, planned a wedding and had a great celebration, and I loved every second of it. When the wedding had passed, I was so happy with Kyle and the memories we had of our big day, but I was sad that it was over, and still a little unfulfilled professionally. A lot of people get bummed after big celebrations- that’s totally normal- but this was more than just sadness about the party being over. I missed the details. I wanted to keep planning! I reached out to the Coordinator at the venue where we got married, and she put me in touch with the Banquet Manager, who gave me a job as a Banquet Server. I knew this would be a good stepping stone for me, seeing the ins and outs of weddings and events from a different perspective.

3 and a half years, almost 200 weddings and many, many meetings, golf outings, galas and parties later, I have so many ideas and so much new knowledge about planning and parties, and I want to share them with you! I started a blog a couple years ago called Wediquette and Parties, and the whole thing is now shifting to this new home, with a name that came to me a few months ago, Sip Sip, Soirée! It’s just fun to say, isn’t it?! It makes me happy, and I hope that visiting makes you happy, too! 


Between events at work and the countless occasions I’ve had the privilege of planning/attending/assisting in the past 10 years or so, I’ve been a bride, a Maid of Honor, a bridesmaid, a guest many times over, a staff member, a Bridal Suite attendant, a centerpiece designer (really!), a child care coordinator, a chef (well, for the smaller parties at home anyway!), a part of the coordinating team that runs rehearsals and ceremonies on-site, a Food station attendant/runner, a helper to pack up at the end of the night (every bride needs one of those!) and more- I’ve seen weddings and parties from almost every angle, and I love each and every one! I’ve helped set thousands of place settings, fold thousands of napkins, polish silverware and glassware- and I see the importance of every step, every person in the process.


I plan to continue blogging and passing on great ideas, the history of wedding traditions that I find fascinating, etiquette tidbits, pictures and inspiration from real celebrations, and more- PLUS I’m adding a new feature in honor of the new name, a fun drink recipe once a week that you may even want to try for your next party!


I had this idea with the old blog that I should be invisible. People wanted to read about ideas, not about me. I wasn’t important, the events were. I’m shifting my thinking, because I want to start helping make the events what they are, and so I think I should be open about who I am and what my goals are. I want to be an Event Coordinator. I especially love weddings, and would be happy to start out as a Day-of Coordinator. When I realized where my career was headed after our wedding, I got really excited and nervous, and had to decide whether to go back to school (and rack up more debt, which was a really unpleasant thought) or to jump right in and hope for the best! I jumped in, I hoped, I worked hard, and now I’m doing more than just hoping- I’m ready to do more. I’m Shayna Miller, it’s a pleasure to serve you, and I’m ready to help you tell your story.


Let’s celebrate!


Sip Sip, Soirée!


P.S. Isn’t it amazing that when you set your mind to something and are focused on it, you start to notice similarities in the world around you? As soon as I decided on the name for this new site, which is destined to become the name of my new business, I started seeing the word Sip everywhere! Gotta love it <3 and yes, Sip does happen!