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Manners Monday- How to Sit for a Formal Meal


Note: This is not me. It’s a picture of a Server I found on Google. He’s doing a fine job.  Believe it or not, when you’re serving a formal meal, there’s a proper way to put food in front of

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Napkins- History, Folding and Etiquette


In the United States, when setting the table, the napkin is typically placed to the left of the cover (one’s setting spot at the table), while in Europe, it is placed to the right of the spoon (think of the

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Your Table Awaits…Silverware, Glasses & Plates


Working at a venue for weddings and large events, I can tell that many people are not very familiar with the etiquette of their place setting (I wasn’t until I started working there, either!), so I put together some pictures

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Pass the Salt (and Pepper), Please!


Did you know… Etiquette says that if somebody at a table asks for the salt shaker, you should also pass the pepper, and vice versa? This changes if there is a pepper mill or a salt cellar (a small bowl);

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